I am French Canadian but I have chosen Australia as my home. Now living and practicing as a Bowen therapist in Woodford, NSW in the Blue Mountains.
I have completed my Certificate IV, diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy and Mind & Body Bowen. I am continuing ongoing training with Border College of Natural Therapies and Bowtech, the original Bowen technique. I have also trained for Bowen Therapy in Montreal, Canada with the International Academy of the Contemporary Therapeutic Methods (AIMTC). I have studied the Niromathé Method with AIMTC, a new technique to Australia.
Bowen Therapy has become my passion since using it myself to treat problems that conventional medicine couldn’t heal.
Since my work as a flight attendant had lead to adrenal fatigue, stress, back pain, poor sleep, low immune system as well as wrist injury, I turned to many holistic modalities to improve my health and vitality. That’s when I realised that natural therapies are probably my life purpose.
Like many, I had never heard of Bowen therapy and I had little idea of what Bowen therapy treatments could achieve. I thought I would give it a go. It had a profound effect on me. I felt deep lu the reaction from the treatment of Bowen Therapy. I feel a very strong connection with the Bowen Technique and I enjoy giving Bowen treatments knowing the benefits it will bring to the people around me, including pain relief, relaxation and vitality. It is very satisfying!